Working with Maestro Edelson was an eye-opening experience. The way he opened up a familiar hassidic melody for a string quartet arrangement was truly something to behold. It has left our audiences beyond impressed!
— Bentzi Avtzon | Yuvla Media


All of my arrangements are written with utmost respect for my two beloved homelands: classical music and hassidic song. I try my best to be meticulous with the classical techniques I employ, all the while remaining faithful to the soul and traditions of the melody.

Though the histories of these schools of music are vastly different, I believe there is a place where they meets, if only one digs deep enough.

Below is a list of past arrangements. I’m also available for new commissions. Please feel free to contact me to discuss.

  1. 4 Bavos for Piano Solo (Also available in versions for Piano and String Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, String Quartet, Clarinet and String Quartet)
  2. Ki Anu Amekha for Piano Solo
  3. Eimosai KoAsi Mar for Piano Solo
  4. Keli Ato for Piano Solo
  5. Ne Jurites’ Khloptzy for Piano Solo (Also available in version for Piano and String Orchestra)
  6. (Additional arrangements from my two existing albums of Chabad Nigunim “Yearnings from Beyond” and “Kol Dodi” are currently being prepared)